Built to suit factory and warehouse

Frasers Property Thailand is part of an international property group with a portfolio spanning 80+ cities around the world. Our rapidly rowing footprint in logistics, storage, distribution, factory & commercial facilities, enables us to service customers across Asia, Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom. Our business relationships are supported by the scale and influence of our international brand.

Frasers Property Thailand is a leading international factory & logistics facilities developer, experienced in developing built to suit facilities that are tailored to customer’s specifications. We offer customers an extensive choice of land in a wide range of locations.
Our in-house expertise includes architecture and design teams, project managers, civil infrastructure and authority managers, as well as asset and property management professionals. It makes for a seamless, fully integrated, end to end solution.
With our professional development team and financial strength, we will ensure that our Built to Suit facilities will be developed according to the customers' specifications and delivered to customers on time.

Choice of Land

By holding land in a number of strategic locations, Frasers Property Thailand not only provides the opportunity to secure a built to suit facility at these preferred sites, but also removes the land acquisition risks of uncertainty and delay.

Occupying a Built to Suit factory/warehouse in one of our industrial sites or logistics parks provides customers with the flexibility to extend their Built to Suit factory/warehouse on available space in the park.

The Development Process

Our development process for Built to Suit facilities comprises 6 methodical steps. Each step is tailored for custom developing a factory/warehouse to meet with the specific requirements of each customer.

Step 1: An analysis of our customer’s specific facility and location requirements which is utilized to design the factory/warehouse and select the land site.
The information includes a detailed analysis of onsite operations including type of manufacturing (if applicable), storage (type and number of racking system), receiving, dispatching, value-added activities, number of workers, office space, battery charging area for materials handling equipment, truck loading & circulation and other areas (e.g. Canteens and vehicle parking).
Step 2: Conceptual Design of the factory/warehouse. The design derived from the customer's requirements is presented and reviewed visually using CAD drawings and 3D artist perspective layouts. The FPT design team work closely with our customers to ensure the size and layout of the factory/warehouse offer both operational functionality and cost effectiveness.
Step 3: Submission of proposal, rental budget and terms & conditions. The design, specifications and site layout are discussed in further detail including operational equipment such as automation/robotics and pallet racking (with options including the ability to rentalize equipment in the financial proposal). The design can then be modified to meet budgetary requirements dictated by the customer.
Step 4: Signing of binding lease agreement and/or contract documentation.
Step 5: Detailed Design and Construction. This step is where both customer and our team work very closely to settle the final design and layout of the factory/warehouse. The schedule must be well planned in order to complete the construction and handover the factory/warehouse to the customer on time.
Step 6: Handover of the completed factory/warehouse is the final step of the development process. If required our construction team and can stage the hand over to enable customer fit out works prior to practical completion. Our team with work closely with customer at all stages to ensure smooth transfer of operations and start up.