FPIT enters an Energy Saving MOU with Panasonic Life Solution Sales (Thailand) to pursue sustainability agenda

  • The portfolio of FPIT’s factories and warehouses has embarked on a sustainability journey with the Energy Saving Program. Traditional High Bay lighting will be replaced with LED High Bay lighting from Panasonic Life Solution Sales (Thailand).
  • Energy Saving Program is expected to reduce carbon footprint by up to 2.6 times. The initiative to reduce GHG emissions is estimated at 34 million CO2/kg which is the equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 200,000 trees.
  • FPIT’s Energy Saving Program has received an overwhelming response from our customers as it enables savings in utilities expenses and reductions in maintenance due to better lighting technology. It also helps our customers to achieve their energy saving and sustainability goals.


Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) Company Limited (“FPIT”), Thailand’s leading industrial property developer and a business unit of Frasers Property (Thailand) Public Company Limited (“FPT”), today announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Company and Panasonic Life Solution Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Panasonic”) for supplying LED High Bay lights to replace existing lighting in FPIT’s factories and warehouses. This partnership supports the company’s Energy Saving Program (ESP) and green procurement, in line with Frasers Property Group’s commitment towards sustainable development.

The Energy Saving Program was rolled out in July 2021 as a means to reduce carbon footprint across FPIT’s portfolio, allowing its customers to enjoy savings in utility expenses as well as reductions in maintenance due to the upgraded lighting technology. Furthermore, it helps customers to fulfill their energy-saving and sustainability goals.

By replacing the metal halide high bay lighting with the Panasonic LED lighting, electricity bills are expected to be reduced by approximately 40%. With the upgrade to the new High Bay lighting technology, customers will also stand to benefit from the product’s longer lifespan, which means less e-waste will be produced over time, as well as lowering energy consumption and heat emissions during operations. The building’s carbon footprint will be reduced by up to 2.6 times. Upon completion of all the lighting replacements within the next three years, FPIT expects to reduce GHG emissions by up to 34 million CO2/kg, equivalent to the annual carbon absorption of 200,000 trees.

Mr. Sopon Racharaksa, Chief Executive Officer of Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand), said, “This Energy Saving Program has been designed to reduce environmental impacts while also helping our tenants/customers on cost savings. As a global citizen, FPIT recognizes its role as a real estate developer in taking action to combat climate change and its impacts, as well as brings our tenants onboard our sustainability journey. We chose to partner with Panasonic Life Solution Sales (Thailand) on this initiative not just for their high-quality product and reliable services but also because of our shared commitment towards sustainability. Aligned with Frasers Property’s goal to achieve net-zero carbon across the entire value chain by 2050, we will continue to explore various initiatives and programs to reduce our carbon footprint.”

Mr. Shigeki Sumitani, Managing Director of Panasonic Life Solution Sales (Thailand) Co., Ltd. said, “We are pleased to be selected as a partner to support FPIT’s sustainable development as well as its customers. As a global leading brand, Panasonic ensures the highest quality of all products and innovative solutions. All FPIT’s factories and warehouses equipped with the new LED High Bay are guaranteed product excellence and our dedicated services. We are confident that the partnership between FPIT and Panasonic will contribute to the sustainable future of the industrial sector in Thailand and will create positive environmental impacts to our stakeholders.”