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Factory Area

Substructure Pre-stressed concrete piles.
Floor Reinforced concrete slab with steel trowel finish.
Floor Loading Capacity 1,000 - 3,000 kg/sq m
Walls Painted concrete block walls with steel louvres. (6-8 metres high)
Roof Structure Pre-engineered steel columns and rafters or reinforced concrete columns with steel roof trusses.
Roof Metal sheet roofing with insulation.
Doors Steel rolling shutters (mechanical type).
Lighting Fixtures High pressure mercury lighting fixtures with built-in control gear.
Lightning protection Provided
Fire fighting system
  • Heat/Smoke Detector
  • Fire alarm system and Emergency lighting
  • Exit Guide

Office Area

Substructure Pre-stressed concrete piles.
Floor Reinforced concrete slab or precast concrete slab (300 kg/sq.m.) with vinyl tile finish.
Walls Concrete block walls with plaster and paint finish.
Doors and windows Glass panel with aluminium frame doors and windows for exterior.
Ceiling Gypsum board with T-bars.
Lighting Fixtures Recessed ceiling mounted lighting fixtures with fluorescent lamps.


Road Reinforced concrete Road.
Storm Drainage Reinforced concrete pipes with manholes and inspection pit.
Sewage Drainage PVC pipes with manholes and inspection pit.
Fence Industrial estate standard (2 metres high).
Gate Sliding steel gate ( 6 - 10 metres wide).
Guard house Reinforced concrete structure guard house.

Our services are not restricted to merely providing industrial buildings. We believe in providing a comprehensive service to manufacturers, including:

Factory Area

Most of our units are on public industrial estates, that is, those developed by, or in conjunction with, the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT). This, in itself, provides a number of mainly non-financial benefits to the tenant, and streamlines the procedures for statutory consents and approvals for the tenant's operation, whereby IEAT act a 'One Stop Shop'. We will be pleased to assist tenants in obtaining the required licenses and approvals.

Work Permits

FPT has its own dedicated staff to obtain Work Permits for tenants' expatriate staff.


Whilst the ready built factories provide the base building requirements for a wide range of industrial processes, many tenants require modifications to the specification to satisfy their specific needs. We would be pleased to discuss these requirements and seek ways to undertake modifications and additions to the building.


We assist our tenants in obtaining the required level of utilities, such as electricity, telecommunications, water, waste disposal and, where appropriate, gas supplies.


We are keen to help tenants wherever possible in providing contact details for suppliers of a wide range of goods and services from our extensive knowledge of the market. With the exception of the cost of undertaking modifications and additions to the building specifications, the costs of utilities connections and supplies, and fees payable to statutory bodies, FPT will provide this assistance to tenants without cost. The only payment to us is the monthly rent.


  • Where are your factories?
    We have factories in 16 locations which fall in 4 general areas: Ayudhaya (to the north of Bangkok), Prachinburi (to the north east of Bangkok), Samut Prakarn (to the east of Bangkok), and on the Eastern Seaboard (in Chonburi and Rayong provinces, centred on Laem Chabang Port). Please see the ready built factories section of this website for further details.
  • Do you develop in Bangkok?
    FPT does not have a land bank in Bangkok. However, we chose to develop in various locations which we know will be popular with a wide range of potential customers. We have found that most tenant demand is in locations offering BOI zone 2 or 3 incentives to the north of Bangkok or on the Eastern Seaboard. However, as a result of a shift in the BOI incentive policy and its effect on demand with the opening of Suvarnabhumi airport, we are now providing factories on Bangpoo and Asia Industrial Estate (Suvarnabhumi) in Samut Prakarn and eastern Bangkok, respectively.
  • Should we locate on a GIZ or FZ?
    Some industrial estates (for example, Hi-tech and Laemchabang industrial estates) have an FZ (Free Zone) on the estate as well as a GIZ (General Industrial Zone). Special regulations relate to the FZ, which can provide an exporting occupier with certain duty and tax benefits. Broadly, a manufacturer which exports most of its output is likely to benefit from being located within an FZ. We would be pleased to advise in more detail as to the appropriateness of GIZ/FZ locations to a particular manufacturer, and explain the benefits and implications.



  • What is the rent?
    Quoting rents depend on the units size, the floor loading capacity and location.
  • Is there a discount? To what extent is the rent negotiable?
    Whilst we feel that the quoting rents reasonably reflect current rental values, we would be pleased to discuss rental levels with you as part of the overall transaction.
  • Can we buy a unit and, if so, what is the price?
    Whilst we develop with a view to renting the units, FPT would be prepared to sell. However, we would encourage you to take a lease with an option to buy rather than buying outright. Such an option would specify a price formula. The quoting price whether for an outright sale or for the exercise price for an option will depend on the individual buildings construction cost and the land cost, which varies slightly from one estate to another.
  • Would it not be cheaper in the long term to buy?
    Possibly, but it must be remembered that the market for second-hand industrial buildings is not good in Thailand, and the void costs of an outgrown factory may negate the initial apparent savings. The opportunity cost of your capital also needs to be factored in.
  • In addition to the rent, what other costs are there?
    Additional costs, payable to parties other than FPT, are Property Tax; Estate Maintenance Chargers depending on the estate, Power supply (including transformer); water and telephone connection and use charges, depending on requirements

Lease Terms


  • What sizes are your factories?
    We currently provide ready built factories in the large of approximately 500 to 6,000 sq m. Larger units are available on a custom basis.
  • Do you develop flatted or terraced factories?
    Most of our factories are single storey with mezzanine level offices, and are detached, with each unit separated from other factories with open space and security railing walls.
  • Who are your tenants?
    Most of our tenants are foreign companies or Thai/foreign joint venture companies. Approximately 60% are Japanese, but recently more have been coming from other Asian countries, Europe and America. Whilst some tenants are part of multinational companies, most are independent, medium-sized companies.
  • Do you develop speculatively, or to demand?
    From experience, we have found a large number of potential tenants need occupation within 2 or 3 months, which does not allow us to build in time. Furthermore, most light industrial uses can be accommodated within our standard units, either in its original form or with a minimum of modifications. For these reasons, it is necessary for us to develop speculatively in advance of demand, so as to meet the needs of our customers. However, where ready built factories do not suit, we can develop a custom factory for the customer to lease.
  • Can you modify your standard units for us?