Introducing FIRM

Who is FIRM?

Frasers Property Industrial REIT Management (Thailand) Company Limited (FIRM), formerly known as TMAN, was founded in mid 2013 with an initial focus on setting up the first REIT in Thailand. The company now manages the first industrial REIT in Thailand with a portfolio of warehouses and factories in strategic locations for logistics in Thailand and other AEC countries.
FIRM is run by experienced professional management team under SEC license with good corporate governance including work procedure, check & balance, monitoring and control in order to enhance potential return to REIT unit holders.

Role & Responsibility

  • REIT Manager’s main role and responsibility is to manage assets and liabilities of the Trust for the best benefit of unit holders.
  • REIT Manager is responsible for ensuring compliance with the SEC regulations, Trust Deed, and all other relevant legislations and laws in which REIT may be involved.
  • REIT Manager must ensure in-place control and/or prevention for any potential conflict-of-interest.
  • REIT Manager cannot hold more than 5% ownership in Trustee’s entity, or vice versa.

What is REIT?

  • Real Estate Investment Trust “REIT” is one of the investment alternatives for investors to receive consistent regular income and potential capital gain from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of consistence income generating real estate assets.
  • REIT is formed as a trust to raise fund from selling of units in REIT and taking such proceed of fund to invest in real estate of which main focus is to provide dividend returns to unit holders from rental income of the real estate.

REIT’s Typical Structure


To become the leading REIT Manager in Thailand by 2020 and in ASEAN by 2024


Growing many types of income generating properties around ASEAN region


Provide good sustainable return to investors with choices of quality assets