FPT offers high-quality ready-built warehouses in a wide variety of sizes and specifications.

Available in many prime locations, FPT is your business partner of choice as we provide high-quality, ready-to-use facilities in various sizes and specifications. With our immediately available spaces and quick response time, we can help you shorten your start-up period, and facilitate your business expansion. Furthermore, leasing our properties reduces the risk and uncertainty of investing in an industrial property.


Benefits of metal sheet roofing
  • No bolt connections
  • Rain leakage prevention
  • Wind speed resistant

Our metal sheet roofing has no bolt connections to prevent rain leakage and is designed to resist a wind speed of 110 kilometers per hour. This metal sheet roofing is made of Zincalume high-tensile steel grade to ensure the strength and durability of the roofing.


Skylights are installed to allow light transmission to the internal area of the warehouses during day time for energy-saving purposes.


Premium grade EDPM is used to create an air-gap between the metal sheet and the insulation to ensure a greater reduction of heat transfer. It is also non-water absorbent and has no flame-spread properties.

Clear height

Our warehouse is designed with a clear height of 7-15 meters in corresponding with the floor loading capacity (3-5 tons), which allows maximum utilization of the warehouse space, as well as increasing ventilation inside the area.

Wide column span

Our large column span of 18-30 meters is suitable for installing racking systems and other equipment. It allows our customers to reach the highest efficiency in their operations with flexible and smooth movement within the warehouse.

Natural ventilation

  • Extra roof ridge to allow hot air exhaust and to provide extra comfort.
  • Louvered sidings to allow fresh air intake
  • High air change rate
  • Comfortable environment

Overhead doors with hydraulic dock levelers

We provide high-quality hydraulic dock levelers and overhead doors at loading bays (minimum 1 per 1,000 square meters) to facilitate quick product movement. Tailgate slots are provided at every loading bay, with the floor height raised to 1.3 meters. A loading ramp is also provided to facilitate loading and unloading activities.

Maneuvering space

At least 30 meters length of maneuvering space is provided to support the turning radius of trailer trucks.


Our extra-long canopy (10 meters) is provided to protect against sun and rain during loading/unloading activities, with lighting fixtures for nighttime operations.

Pest protection

Steel nets are installed along the louvers to prevent birds and other animals from perching or nesting inside the warehouse area.

Lighting fixtures

Sufficient high pressure, energy-saving lighting fixtures (T5 or LED) of 300 lux are installed to provide light during nighttime operation.

Battery charging area

A battery charging area with power plugs is allocated at an area with good airflow inside the warehouses.

Office equipment is upon request

Office area

The office area is designed to facilitate optimal office operation and includes a pantry area and suitable restroom facilities. (Shower rooms are available upon request). Lighting fixtures (T8 or LED) of 500 lux are also installed to support daily operations.

Sprinkler system

A sprinkler system with a water pressure meter is designed through hydraulic calculation, which is used in a performance-based design for fire protection. The sprinkler system operates when heat at the site of fire causes a glass component in the sprinkler head to fail, thereby releasing the water from the sprinkler head. Sprinkler systems help to reduce the growth of a fire, thus increasing safety and limiting structural damage.

Fire pumps

Our fire pump conforms to the Standard for the Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection (NFPA20). In addition, this ensures that the customer’s safety policy is met and can reduce insurance premiums for the customer.

Fire hose cabinets

Fire hose cabinets are installed inside the warehouse at every 60 meters.

Other equipment

Automatic emergency lighting and fire escapes are provided for additional protection and safety.

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