Where are your factories?


We have factories in 18 locations which fall in 4 general areas: Ayudhaya (to the north of Bangkok), Prachinburi (to the northeast of Bangkok), Samut Prakarn (to the east of Bangkok), and on the Eastern Economic Corridor (in Chonburi province, Rayong province, and Chachoengsao province). Please see the Specification for factory section of this website for further details.

Do you develop in Bangkok?


FPT does not have a land bank for building factories in Bangkok. However, we develop factories in various strategic locations as well as the locations benefiting from the BOI incentive scheme to serve potential demands.

Should we locate on a GIZ or FZ?


Some industrial estates, for example, Hi-tech, Laemchabang industrial estates, and Rojana Industrial Park, have an FZ (Free Zone) on the estates as well as a GIZ (General Industrial Zone). Special regulations relate to the FZ offer certain duty and tax benefits to an exporter. Therefore, a manufacturer that exports most of its output is likely to benefit from being located within the FZ. We would be pleased to give details to a manufacturer that is interested to learn more about GIZ/FZ locations and their benefits or implications.

How long will it take us to get into production?


Much will depend on your own operation, installing your machinery, etc., but we would expect you to be able to be fully operational within 3 months of our first meeting.

How long does it take you to build a factory?

We have many ready-built units available to move in. If one of our high-standard factories does not serve your needs yet, we can also develop a build-to-suit factory to serve your requirements. All specifications can be customized. We expect to hand over a new build-to-suit building within 8 months.

What do we need to do to reserve a unit? How long does it take?

All you need to do is signing an agreement and pay a one-month deposit.

What is the rent?


Quoting rents depend on the units’ sizes, floor loading capacities and locations.

Can we buy a unit and, if so, what is the price?


While intending to rent the units, FPT also prepares to sell. We encourage you to take a lease with an option to buy rather than buying outright. Such an opportunity would specify a price formula. The quoting price, whether for an outright sale or the exercise price for an option, will depend on the individual building construction cost and the land cost, which varies slightly from one estate to another.

Would it not be cheaper in the long term to buy?


Possibly, remember that the market for second-hand industrial buildings is not good in Thailand. The new business risk and the opportunity cost of your capital also need to be factored in.

In addition to the rent, what are other costs?


Additional costs, payable to parties other than FPT, are land and building tax, estate maintenance charges depending on the estate, and modification cost depending on requirements.

What sizes are your factories?


We currently provide ready-built factories in the range of approximately 550 to 10,000 sqm Larger units are available on a custom basis.

Who are your tenants?


Most of our tenants are foreign companies or Thai/foreign joint venture companies. Approximately 60% are Japanese, but recently more have been coming from other Asian countries, Europe and America.

Do you develop speculatively, or to demand?


From experience, we have found a large number of potential tenants need to occupy the facilities within 2 or 3 months. Furthermore, most light industrial uses can be accommodated within our standard units, either in its original form or with a minimum of modifications. For these reasons, it is necessary for us to develop speculatively in advance of demand, to meet the needs of our customers. However, where ready-built factories do not suit, we can develop a customized factory for our customers.

Can you modify your Ready-Built units for us?


Certainly yes.